17/07/2021 - The fees to attend xEUCF21 have been determined

Updated on September 10th with the final details




Team Fee

€ 1.000,00

Player Fee

€ 35,00

Guest Fee

€ 0,00

Dinner on Thursday (Pita)

€ 9,00

Dinner on Friday (Spaghetti)

€ 8,00

Dinner on Saturday (BBQ)

€ 15,00

Breakfast for all 4 days 

€ 16,00


This is the absolute maximum the tournament will cost for attendees. The more teams that are able to participate, the cheaper it will be. We will update you on the final cost of the Players Fee at the end of August. The fees may decrease, but it will not cost more than this.

Dinners and breakfasts are not mandatory but have to be ordered before the tournament.

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